1975 began with a 2nd Bluegrass Open House. Kirby Lambert was the business manager for the 4th Kerrville Folk Festival.
"Lee Green gave (Brian Urban) a piece of 4x4 which Lee says was salvaged from the altar after the big oak split. "7
This was the year that Rod sponsored hot air balloon races. The meadow was used as the launch site for the balloons.
"Ace Hindman built the first altar for Chapel Hill and installed it a day or so before the Festival opened. Ace's flat bed truck couldn't make it all the way up the hill so Ace, Joe Zammarron, myself and at least one other person carried the altar up the last slope."
Brian Urban8
The other concerts that year were the first Benefit Concert for the Kerrville Folk Festival, the 1st Country & Western Jamboree, the 2nd Bluegrass Festival, and the 2nd Glen Miller Orchestra Chamber of Commerce Benefit. 7random collected memory 8interview with Brian Urban