In 1978, the 7th Kerrville Folk Festival expanded to five days. It began on a Thursday and ran through the following Monday, Memorial Day. Tony Simmons and Mike Sanders ran the beverage crew and Joe Don Kotrola ran sanitation.
"I'm not sure what was my first year, but they parked the cars in the meadow that is now the middle of the campground. Lee Green said to me, 'You're an artist' and then set me to painting signs such as 'Men' 'Women' and 'This Way to Chapel Hill.'"
Liz Vieau16
       The 4th Country & Western Jamboree, the 2nd Kerrville Gospel Jubilee and the 5th Bluegrass Festival were all presented that year, but there was no 8 Great Hours show. The concept would reappear later though.

My first time was 1978, with a Junior High school friend and his mother Elizabeth Ellis who told stories with Gayle Ross. I worked trash with JoDon hanging on for dear life to the back of that old red pick up truck. I didnít make it back ítill 1983 and have been to at least some of big Folk every year since then.
...Larry Fein (Hairy Larry)
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