8th Kerrville Folk Festival Staff Kerrleaders (remembered):
       Security - Bill Moss17
"This was my first festival. I was there only 3 days and at first I didn't know if we'd get in, but we did and got assigned to the Nightime Whiskey Barrel watch. "
Ky Hote18
        I don't know how long this had been going on, but the staff benefits that year were, a t-shirt for every day you worked, a breakfast ticket, a guest and all the beer you can drink. The breakfast ticket worked at the booth in the theatre. You could get a nice standard American breakfast there.
       There had been a volunteer at the festival named Antler Dave, who was much loved and he had died during the year in a car accident. This year there was the 1st Annual Antler Dave Memorial Run. In addition, Bobby Bridger wrote a song inspired by Antler Dave called Heal In The Wisdom and performed it in honor of Dave. Later on it was officially designated as the Official Song of the Kerrville Folk Festival and was sung at the end of the closing night of the Festival.
       The 3rd Kerrville Gospel Jubilee happened and the Quiet Valley Ranch was the host for the 1st Kerr County Fair. At the 6th Bluegrass Festival, the staff coordinator was Larry Brooks and the head of tickets was Mary Masara.
"I was on Tickets. We got $8 a day, all the beer/soda you could drink, breakfast from Jimmy Mesley's booth, t-shirt every day, free staff guest, free camping, free parking, free hot showers."
Carolyn Norulak19
A co-worker, surveyor Craig Crosby Cregar, brought me and my wife in 1979. We camped in the state park and commuted each evening in the back of a pickup truck. I havenít missed a Big Folk since!
...Howie Richey
       The 8 Great Hours concept was revived and expanded to 12 Great Hours. And for the first of many tours, Kerrville on the Road was born and took artists that played the Folk Festival and played at various clubs around Texas. 17interviews 18interview with Ky Hote 19interview with Carolyn Norulak