1982 was notable for events that happened off of the ranch. The 2nd Free concert in Hermann Park in Houston and the 3rd Austin Street Dance took place. Another festival styled in the fashion of KFF began in Mesquite, TX. The Mesquite Folk Festival was to last for 3 years, unlike the previous year's festival in Louisiana which did not see a second year.
       The Summer Music Festival saw its second year with the slogan "Go For Baroque." There was the 9th Bluegrass Festival and the 4th 12 Great Hours.
       11th Folk Festival Staff Kerrleaders:28        A lot of the staff traditions and protocol was being set in place that year.
       The first Staff Concert was held that year. It was created to acknowledge the vast amount of talent of the volunteers of the Kerrville staff, particularly in the area of songwriting and performing. The Kerrville Folk Festival Staff Concert is a unique tradition unique among folk festivals.
"When I first started, 1982, I remember we started checking (volunteers) in following the staff meeting and after that it was done from the back room at the office."
Sue Medley30
That was the first year we cooked staff dinner and ate it in the theatre. The staff meeting included dinner (usually spaghetti) and then we would divide into crew groups and get our staff IDs. At that time, I believe they were buttons with our names on them.
"I was a Kerrvergin this year , but I have no memory of this because I was only three months old. So if you do the math this actually means I was concieved during the Fest the previous year. And I've been back every year since. Guess I liked it. ---- Jon ,son of Jeff Davis. XOXOX"
Jonathan Davis31
"o boy... we get there Tuesday still dreaming visions of Banjo Jim to show up before Wednesday, which was when he was sure to show up by. Well, he showed up Thursday of course... and with an odd hitchhiking tale about getting hassled by cops on the road...
Mike Williams showed up claiming retirement - no more money, he would just play music and have fun.... The two weeks at Kerrville were impossible to imagine even though I was there. I made lots of new friends and strengthened many old acquaintances and played guitar practically 24 hours a day. I learned how to do it in my sleep. I made closer friendships with lots of folks - Crow Johnson, Jim Hancock, Carol H* Cardozo, Elizabeth the storyteller who told us great stories on the way home from Luckenbach.
There was a women's campfire this year. It was a real nice focused non-exclusive campfire. Can I ever describe the power and the beauty and the LIFE when Lisa Gilkyson sang "Tennessee Roads?" Or the sweet roughness and timeless historical value of hearing Dave Van Ronk singing "Song To A Seagull" down by a campfire in the middle of the night. Or the fun of playing with Woody Paul, Paul Pearcy and Banjo Jim in the stoned darkness trying to have fun all around... "Lets' keep walking, Ky..." If I only could've written then, I'd have told a thousand stories then, but I could only spend my energy on picking... nothing else mattered as much..."
Ky Hote 32
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