1983 saw the 2nd Austin Street Dance, the 2nd Mesquite Folk Festival, the 3rd Summer Music Festival, the 10th Bluegrass Festival, and the 3rd Free concert in Hermann Park. The festival on Columbus Day weekend expanded from the 12 hours on one day to a three day festival with a focus on traditional musics. This was the 1st Goodtime Music Festival.
       12th Folk Festival Staff Kerrleaders:34        This year there was a performer exchange with the Winnipeg Folk Festival and Stan Rogers came to play. He had a wonderful time by all accounts and played at the campfires until he was taken to the airport. Then tragically Stan died on his way back to Canada. His plane caught on fire. It landed in Cincinatti still on fire and Stan survived long enough to go back in helping others but ultimately died of smoke inhalation. The Festival was now getting old enough to have lost quite a few friends.
"I remember Stan Rogers' set (sort of). After Stan played the first song, the theater erupted! It was POWERFUL STUFF!! No, I don't remember what he played. That's all I remember as I sat on the back of the stage shell and slept through the rest of the set. Stan was a grand master talent taken from us way too soon. At least his last days were spent at Kerrville. May we all be so blessed."
Brian Urban35
"The first song Stan Rogers sang was the 'White Collar Holler' which was written by our own Nigel Russell. His band, including his brother, left early, but he stayed on for the fish fry. It was very powerful seeing these three large men get up on stage singing acapello. I believe Connie Kaldor, Ray Bookbinder, and Valdy were there also representing Canada."
Susan Roads36
"I was on Security. After I got my RN (what year?), I became the roving Security at night before we had an organized first aid crew to do it."
Larry Fein37
"Tee-shirts were yellow that year, Rod said gold but they were yellow. Security was called hospitality that year."
Joe Montgomery38
Gerald Edwards began a "music store" crafts booth (1983 - c. 1997) that sold strings and other items useful to all of the pickers on the ranch. 34interviews 35interview with Brian Urban 36interview with Susan Roads 37interview with Larry Fein 38interview with Joe Montgomery