A new festival was brought to Austin called Celebrate Austin. I believe this first actually was in Austin while the next year it ended up being held in Manor, TX at Manor Downs. Another new concept that year was the Pleasure Island Music Festival. This was a travel package where you bought the airplane tickets, hotel accomodations and festival tickets all together. It was great fun for performers and patrons alike cause they'd all hang out together as well.
       Also outside of the ranch were two Free concerts in Hermann Park, one before the 13th Folk Festival and one before the 11th Bluegrass Festival.
       There was a Jimmie Rodgers Jubilee, but I'm not sure where that took place.
       In Austin a tradition began at the Waterloo Ice House called the Kerrville Christmas Reunion. The Mesquite Folk Festival had its third and final year and the 2nd Goodtime Music Festival took place.
       One non-concert tradition began in November as well: NancyLee's Birthday Campout. There had been many "work weekends" at the ranch when no festival was happening. The first weekend in November near Nancy Lee's birthday was dubbed a Staff retreat weekend to celebrate all the other hard working weekends we'd had at the Ranch.
       Kerrville Folk Festival Staff Kerrleaders:39        The Staff Concert was hosted by Jerry Jeff Walker
"I was on Smoothies. I also worked transportation for 3 days."
Shakey Bean40
"I believe I was on Hospitality at this point."
Ky Hote41
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