In 1985 the 2nd Celebrate Austin festival took place near Austin in Manor. There was a 5th 12 Great Hours, this time in the middle of the summer.
       Phillip Bell ran the drinks crew for a Joe "King" Carrasco concert on the ranch
"(The Joe "King" Carrasco concert was) first 'official' time to work on krew. My daughter had asked Tony Simmons if she could be on staff, and could her mother be on staff, too. We worked drinks.
It was HOT! There had been no rain. There was no camping, so I set my tent up in the parking lot and stayed up all night killing hundreds of piss ants."
Susan Roads42
       Again there were 2 Free Concerts in Hermann Park. The 12th Bluegrass Festival, the 2nd Kerrville Christmas Reunion, and the 3rd Goodtime Music Festival all took place as well.
"I think I was on backstage hospitality for this festival. I was if this was the one that Trapezoid played at."
Ky Hote43
       The "travel package" festival moved over to Isla Mujeres. The Isla Mujeres Festival was the first of ten festivals there.
       14th Kerrville Folk Festival Staff Kerrleaders:43        The first Kerrictionary was published this year. 42interview with Susan Roads 43Ky Hote 44interviews