1986 saw the last attempt to recreate the festival in another Texas town, this time with the Midland - Odessa Folk Festival. The 4th Kerrville on the Road. kicked off with this year's first Free Concert in Hermann Park and was called the Celebrate Texas Tour in honor or Texas' sesquicentennial celebrations.
        15th Kerrville Folk Festival staff according to the program:        In 1986, the festival was expanded to three weekends or eighteen days. A total of eleven Mainstage concert days and seven days of concerts at the Threadgill Theatre. There was a Peter, Paul & Mary reunion show that became the first sold out concert night for the festival. A Kerrville cup celebrating the sesquicentennial of Texas was sold, setting the wheels in motion for disposable cups to be banded in 1991.

The Staff Concert was hosted by Steve Gillette

"I was the '2nd' for running tickets. Back then we called ourselves, 'Stupidvisors'.
I camped with a group at the end of the meadow near the old ticket line entry. It was called 'Camp Atlantis' because it was always underwater. Later the landscape was altered to avert the water flow there."
Susan Roads46
"I joined backstage Hospitality. (This was before) Tamara (sp?) was the Kerrleader.
Shakey Bean46
"It rained throughout much of this festival. That summer Michelle Shocked's album "The Campfire Tapes" was a hit over in Europe and she got a 20 minute guest spot on the main stage. She was on the trash crew and had been for a while.
The only time she had been on stage before was a staff concert. I'm not sure which year it was, but she hadn't gotten voted in actually, but of the people that had gotten voted in, one of them couldn't make the concert. She was the next highest vote getter, but it was decided to just have the concert have one less performer instead of including her. Jim Hancock, who had gotten voted in had her take one of her songs, so she got to play after all.
BanjoJim, Flash, Tom Pershey and I all got to play with her on her 1986 set. We also recorded a bunch of tracks by the campfires, at Flash's house (the beginnings of Flashpoint Studio) and in hotel rooms in hopes of creating another campfire album with a band feeling. I don't think we ever got much worth keeping at those sessions, but we had a lot of fun. I was kind of the Second at Hospitality, but Sue kept letting me get out of work because I was working on the album with Michelle. It really rained a lot that year. I'm not for sure sure, but I think that was the year they ended up having some of the mainstage concerts indoors at the Y-O Hotel."
Ky Hote47
"I remember that year! I think I was there as Ky's guest, or something like that. It was rainy and nasty, and I woke up one morning with Sudden Creek at the door of my tent. You're right, Ky, it wasn't too much worth keeping on tape, but it was fun!"
Tom Pershey48
"The beginnings of Camp C.A.L.M.:
Lendell & Evie figured out for sure that they were camping in the same location we are now since 1983, but think it might be earlier than that. CALM came to be our name in 86 or 87. Lendell came up with the acronym. (Conroe Association for Live Music) She took the logo (cat & dog) from a mouth painting artist that we are still trying to locate (Ann Adams)."
Blair Powell48
Been a kerrkid all my life. Born and raised in Kerrville march 1986, lived 3 miles from the ranch as a kid as well. Been attending since I can remember. And my daughter Annie is a second generation kerr kidd.Laura Lee is my mom, and Faith Thompson my cousin.
...Michaelle Beasley (MacDougall)
       The 8th Free concert in Hermann Park came just before the 13th Bluegrass Festival. The 4th Goodtime Music Festival was the last in the series.
"The Goodtime festival, was extremely cold and wet. Rod called off the last day of the festival due to the weather. I remember going over to the office, and there was a note on the door that said, 'Darcy Farrow - phone home', which I assumed was a wry joke."
Susan Roads51
       The 2nd Isla Mujeres Festival and the 3rd Kerrville Christmas Reunion took place. A new festival was held at the ranch called the Great Texas Outdoor Celebration and had an ecological and environmental theme. 46interview with Susan Roads 47interview with Shakey Bean 48Ky Hote 49submission to website: Tom Pershey 50submission to website: Blair Powell 51interview with Susan Roads