Kerrville On The Road started the year out with two Folk Aid Tours culminating in the 12th Free Hermann Park Concert.
18th Kerrville Folk Festival staff according to the program:60

The Staff Concert was hosted by Steve Gillette

"This was my first year at Kerrville Folk Festival. Every morning at 7am John & Sherry Arnold would meet Joe at the store and the coffee and the stories would start. There were other regulars at this Kerrfee Klatch. They started calling it the Friends of Juan V. meeting.
I spent one day on the trash crew at this festival. I had a ball."
Anne Feeney60

"I'm thinking that this was the year I joined the Kerrtry Store krew."
Ky Hote61
       The 1st Kerrville Folk Festival Too! during Labor Day weekend was produced. The 1st Napa Valley Folk Festival was produced in California as well as the 6th Isla Mujeres Festival, and the 6th Kerrville Christmas Reunion. 601989 KFF program 61interview with Anne Feeney 62Ky Hote