Kerrville On The Road started 1990 out with what they called the Bankruptcy Tour. There were no new festivals added but the 2nd Kerrville Folk Festival Too!, the 2nd Napa Valley Folk Festival, the 7th Isla Mujeres Festival and the 7th Kerrville Christmas Reunion were all presented.
19th Kerrville Folk Festival staff according to the program:63
"I think that year Nella Villafranca was my '2nd' (on tickets) that year."
Susan Roads64

"I think this was the year I was the Kerrleader for tickets."
Ned Mefford65

"I was on the beer crew."
Robin Rues66

"I joined Hospitality this year. Hospitality was in a building, well... a structure over by the staff gate. Between this year and 1994, we built CD storage and office supply storage."
       Calamity Jan ran the staff kitchen on the weekdays and Owl Morrison worked there.68
       Tuesday nights at Camp C.A.L.M. became the night for a poetry campfire.68
This year I joined maintenance with Lee Green. I would work a shift and then work a couple more. The guy never stopped moving. It seemed like his finger would start pointing on its own and he’d look to see what it was pointing at and then, surprised by what it had seen, he’d turn to the closest person he recognized and said any number of thing like “what are you doing right now?” “can you…” “there’s a hammer in the…” “a rock bar would work for…” “those rocks are a tripping hazard” and so on. My favorite moment was during a particularly hot set of days. I had gotten off a shift working on a shack across from mix master that’s no longer there. Lee saw me and pointed up the road towards the main-stage campground entrance by where the Octojohns are now and said, someone slipped on some big rocks up there. I want you to move those big rocks to the ditch, then get a rake and rake off the medium rocks. If the rake doesn’t work, there’s a broom in the…” and I checked out mentally. I asked myself, “Did he just ask me to get all the dirt off a dirt road?”
After 2 or 3 more years of rule under that finger, I relearned one of the most important lessons of my life, how to say no to people I like even when I want to please them. Lee was one of the first people I “knew” out at Kerrville, and one of the only ones I’ve met that I feel like I’ve never really gotten to know past a rocky surface level. I remember sitting around his campfire one night in the middle of a Kerrville mega squall, close enough I actually had a burn spot or two on that shirt, just trying to warm up and get dry. He came over and asked me how I was doing. I looked down and his finger wasn’t pointing at anything. I said I was doing pretty good, and he didn’t move off like he was always moving, like that had satisfied his concern for me in that moment, he just stayed there reflecting campfire, looked me right in the face and said kindly “you sure?”
Yeah Lee. I’m sure, then and now and in a big way, it’s thanks to you. I got to know that ranch right down to the pebbles because of you. I met so much of what I now call my family helping you make our “home” a better place to live. I got to know how hands feel after three days with a rock bar and a pick axe against a hill of damp caliche and the satisfaction of seeing an impossible thing become possible, at least for a while, until that next heavy rain washed new rocks down on that rocky road
... Josh Gaines
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