Kerrville On The Road had a Texas Tour in the beginning of the year and there was another Free Concert in Hermann Park, the 2nd Kerrville Wine & Music Festival, the 10th Isla Mujeres Festival, and the 2nd Nashville Kerrville Reunion.
       The 10th Kerrville Christmas Reunion was the occasion for the 1st Kerrville Music Awards. The black tie affair had fourteen categories of awards and inductees into the Kerrville Hall of Fame. A "New Folk Renuion" was also included in the three day program."74
       22nd Kerrville Folk Festival staff according to the program:75
"I joined Communications. I went up to Staff Central and I asked Papa Smurf where help was needed and said Maintenance or Communications. I thought communications sounded good. That was when we had a small Comm Shack, which has been moved over by tickets and is now tickets storage. Tup asked me why I wanted to join Communications and I explained I had theatre experience as well as stage crew experience. He offered me a beer and I was on the crew.
At that time, there was just a few people on the crew working "control" and we kind of doubled as de facto gate security where the Comm. Shack was. Before we had a Communication crew, the Austin Radio Communications handled the radio work out here. Tony Simmons was always involved with the crew because he was involved with them."
Doug Outta Control76
74Music From The Heart Rod Kennedy 751993 KFF program 76interview with Doug Gesseman