27th Kerrville Folk Festival staff: The Staff Concert was hosted by Christopher Yarrow
"I was voted into Staff Concert this year, played on the Threadgill stage, chose Owl Morrison to perform with me onstage, winners are allowed to perform only 2 songs and I gave one to Owl, so we did a song I wrote called "Four Lane." Then as the second song we did an amazing song that Owl wrote called Capitol "T", truly a great song with a sorely needed message.
We also wore T-shirts airbrushed by De showing our support of Chandler who had been ousted from the festival that year by the festival producer Rod Kennedy. Chandler was back the following year. :o) This Staff Concert was filmed by Harry Larry."
Summer Droit

"It was my first Big Folk. One extremely Fond memory comes to mind. While preforming traffic control at Mix-Master, for a medical emergency, a gentleman approached me and asked I knew his sister and where she might be . He said her name was Jackie. I asked what Kerrew she worked on. He could not say, he had not seen her in eight years! After a brief description, I recgonized who was his sister!
When the medics had left the Ranch, I asked the gentleman to follow me to a camp location. That being the last camp site on Main Rd. before Kerrtry store. When I rounded the corner of thier trailer I called to Jackie that I had someone that wished to see her. It was quite the a joyful reunoin. It filled me with a great deal of pride that I could be a part of that reunoin. The Spirit of Kerrville shows through it".
"Wrong Way" Chip Rogers
       Ky Hote was on the transportation crew.
       At the 7th Kerrville Wine & Music Festival Cary was the head of "QC" and Dawn Reesz joined the krew.