1999 saw the 28th Kerrville Folk Festival .
       The Staff Concert was hosted by Christopher Yarrow.
"We built the Pavilion, T-shirt Booth, Threadgill slab and CG shower slab this year. All I remember was 8 solid days on a trencher. Water and electricity to the lower meadow and 24 additional RV hookups."

"I was a Kerrvirgin this festival. Bill Passalacqua asked me if I would be interested in going. Since I had wanted to for a few years, it was an easy decision. Pulled up to Camp Lubbock Or Leave It (between Threadgill Theatre and High Road/Chapel Hill Rd. 'intersection'. Was about to set up a tent, however, was offered to use Butch Hancock's tent by Barbara (Butch's Partner in CD duplication business). Still, somehow -- have my original festival cup! Wasn't on a krew, however, picked up trash around the ranch..."
Ben "Pizza Guy" Hamilton

"My Father,staff member, and kerviver Mark Mahoney Passed away, and we spread his ashes on Chapel Hill. Special thanks to John King"
Jacob Mahoney

"(it was about 1999 when)... I had my last probation office vist scheduled for the first Friday of fest. Afterwards everyone had left for the ranch already that day and the next ride out that I could find would have been Sunday. I could not wait that long so I donned my trusty red shirt for maximum visibility and took a bus as far west in Austin as i could. Then I started walking down the shoulder of 290. About 2 hours later, as the hot Texas sun was turning me as red as my shirt, a long slick Cadillac pulls onto the shoulder. The tinted window rolls down to reveal an elderly man in a cowboy hat and his wife. 'How would you like a ride to the front door step of Quiet Valley Ranch?' the man leans over and says to me which I most emphatically replied 'Yes Sir! I would like that very much!' Over Dairy Queen the gentleman told me that on the first day of the first KFF 3 people were the first to walk through the doors (It was in a theater in Kerrville at that point) Rod Kennedy, Allan Dameron, and himself. Then he regaled me with many more tales of the first years all the way to the front gate. That man was my friend Shane Bartell's grandfather. Good memories!
Jason Bennett1000
       Paul "Papa Smurf" Fleming's memorial was held on Chapel Hill the first weekend.
       The 8th Kerrville Wine & Music Festival was held Labor Day weekend. 1000Jason Bennett Facebook page "Kerrverts Far and Wide)