31st Kerrville Folk Festival staff:        The Staff Concert hosted by Christopher Yarrow
       AllKids Krew was born this year. Though not as organized as it became the following year, the idea was to find jobs for the kids who were between 13 and 18 for the week days. They usually worked on the smoothies or cokes crews during the weekend and were left with nothing to do and needing drinks and meals during the week. The idea grew to be a way to mentor kids that age for more responsible staff positions when they got older.
       Richard moved over to VIP from Communciations.
'The Hospitality shack was torn down and we moved over to the building that housed T-shirts. We shared it with them."

"I created the Staff Historian position"
Ky Hote
       The Harmonica Workshop started by Vern Crawford with teacher Gary Sapone.
       Bodywork structure built for Cureville, a krew setup to help the volunteers get through the grueling days of the festival. This is one of the many perks of being on staff that is totally unique to this festival.
       The 11th Kerrville Wine & Music Festival was held Labor Day weekend.